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“Sanctuary” was acquired by Neon’s boutique label Super

Via IndieWire

Super, the boutique distribution label from Neon, has officially whipped up the distribution rights to dominatrix drama “Sanctuary” starring Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbott.

Penned by “Homecoming” co-creator Micah Bloomberg and directed by SXSW “The Heart Machine” helmer Zachary Wigon, “Sanctuary” takes place over the course of one night in a hotel room where Rebecca (Qualley) seduces her elite client Hal (Abbott) to disastrous ends. Hal attempts to terminate his relationship with Rebecca, as he is poised to inherit his late father’s professional position and fortune, but Rebecca has other ideas in store for how to punish him for daring to cross her. What’s the safe word, again?

Super beat out three other distribution banners for “Sanctuary” after its critically acclaimed premiere at 2022 TIFF.

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